Is Your Company on the Move?

Feel like you need to hire a project manager to make your office move happen? Deciding to switch spaces affects a company’s operations, revenue, and every one of its workers. Finding the right team to help you get the job done quickly and completely is crucial. Moving office spaces is a time to delegate. Whether your company is moving across town or just up a floor, our top professional movers can make sure you’re carefully and efficiently relocated.

Move With Ease and Efficiency

Moving to a new office space can feel more overwhelming than moving house. The planning and procedures are often logistically complex. Computers, electronics, telephones, and security systems need to be uninstalled and reinstalled. Massive meeting tables, cubicles, and materials need to be packed, loaded, delivered, and unpacked. Simultaneously, everything needs to stay organized and secure each step of the way.

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    Efficient Processes

    From receiving your first quote to unpacking your last box, moving offices has to be fast and efficient. Since you can’t shut down operations for an extended time to complete your move, an office relocation doesn’t offer a lot of spare time.

    Custom-Tailored Services

    Every office move is different. Your company’s unique service needs, supplies, and location will predict the type of professional assistance you need. As you move from one office to another, your movers can complete the unique job you layout in front of them.

    Excellent Customer Service

    While muscles matter during a move, so do manners. As you move office spaces, questions will arise, dates may change, and your needs may be unique. Your moving company will do its best to accommodate and support you and each of your relocation needs.

    Clear Pricing

    As a businessman or woman, you understand the importance of creating and sticking to a budget. While a number of factors—like the size, date, and location of your move—can affect the overall cost of your office move, knowing what you’ll be paying in advance is critical to budget effectively.

    Updated Online Tools

    You have work to get back to. The last thing that you want is to waste time on hold, on long phone calls, or on confusing and outdated websites. The quote, booking, and management of your move must be efficient

    High Ratings

    Moving companies might not have great ratings. Only the moving companies that go above and beyond can make people stop in the middle of a hectic moving schedule to write a raving review.

    Storing Commercial Supplies and Materials

    If your company doesn’t work out of a large space with plenty of room, you may need to rent extra storage for a time. Our professional movers can help you deliver and retrieve inventory, materials, files, equipment, or business vehicles to and from your storage unit.

    How Much do Commercial Storage Units Cost?

    Most storage units cost between $100 to $300 per month to rent. Size, features, and location will all factor into the final number. For example, climate-controlled units that are ideal for items sensitive to weather changes, moisture, and extreme temperatures, cost more than regular units.

    What Supplies are Needed for a Stream-Lined Office Move?

    Here’s a checklist of must-haves to make sure your office move runs smoothly.
    • Desks, Chairs, Shelving Units, Tables

      Wrap and tape any large and heavy items that can’t be boxed in heavy-duty moving blankets. Durable, 4-wheel dollies may also be necessary for moving larger items and furniture.

    • Basic Packing Supplies

      Non-essentials, like office decor and desk contents, can be packed with basic cardboard boxes, tape, labels, bubble wrap, and packing paper.

    • File Boxes

      Files and documentation can be safely transported in simple cardboard record storage boxes, office file totes, or 18” H x 14” W snap-lid bins.

    • Computers and Electronics

      Pick a large box, like the U-Haul Large Electronics Box, to move monitors, computers, televisions, and heavier electronics. Make sure you allow at least two inches of space on all sides of the electronic and fill this space with plenty of packing peanuts.

    Turn a Stressful Move into an Easy-Peasy Process

    Moving for most people is hectic and stressful. But for you, it could look like sitting in a lawn chair and sipping a pina colada. Take fifteen seconds to fill out this form, and we’ll connect you with the best professionals in your area so that they can do the heavy lifting for you.
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